New special offer-Mikkeli Blue!

The big salmon from the last Throwback Thursday was caught on a Mikkeli Blue. Therefore we now introduce you to the story about how the fly was born and a new hot offer from the web shop! Enjoy!

Mikkeli Blue
Even though one has the old favourite patterns which every season triumphs with nice catches, every year goes to show that even a new pattern can sometimes qualify for a place in the fly box among the faithful old servants.

The flies I have presented under “Fly of the month” have almost without exception been patterns with which I and many others have had repeated success. Flies that have proven themselves trustworthy over the years. This time I will turn away from this rule by offering you a pattern with no more than one season to back it up. The fly has, although being a fresh one, given me and some of my friends several silvery beauties and my guess is that it will become a true “hit”.

Blue in the dark
Every time you sit behind the vise and let new ideas take shape, there is always a thought behind the making. It is often a special place, time or certain conditions that shapes the fly.
How will the ideas appear and look in the water and above all; will they yield fish?

This fly has been developed out of the idea of further improving one of my faithful night flies, the Black and Silver. The basic thought behind a night fly is primarily to create a good siluett towards the bright night sky. In my opinion a sharp contrast is also an important feature in a good night fly. When it comes down to colors it is a well known fact that certain colors appear better than others in dimmed light. It is the blue and violet color tones has the best appearance in poorly illuminated surroundings. This fact together with my former experiences created this new pattern. All done in the vise, I thought the fly looked really “hot”. Already at the start of the season, the fly proved its capability by tempting the odd, good Vestland-salmon. But the fly was still without a name.

The classic Fir tree by the Mikkeli pool, River Alta
The long, gracious river boat was gilding silently on the stream from the Santiakoski pool. A couple of grilse gleamed on the bottom of the old, yellow varnished boat. It was the later half of July and the midnight sun did no longer manage to get over the edge of Finmarksvidda. The evening was magic. Not a trace of wind and only a pale midnight light over the dark waters of the Alta. Kyrre was steering the boat with long, sweeping movements down towards the next pool. It was my turn to give it a try. The boat assumed its position at the top of the pool, close to the edge of the current. Behind us, the water deepened down into perhaps the most famous salmon pool in the world, the Mikkeli. This was indeed classical grounds. I got up and carefully got to the back of the narrow boat. I am not used to fishing from a boat but thankfully used to boats from my days as a sailor. Håkan held the steering oar in the front, carefully helping Kyrre to keep the boat in place. The casting was rhythmic and we went slowly down the pool, yard by yard. The excitement and the concentration was enormous. Imagine, just ones in a lifetime, to be able to fish this legendary place! A soft mend was all it took to get the fly to swim perfectly through the streamy water. A bit further down the shoreline the old and knotty fir tree emerged. The classic fir tree by the Mikkeli pool! This is the best place, the lie which has produced so many truly big salmon over the years. Cast after cast went while the boat was gliding silently on the dark water. Everything was perfect.

It is the thumb and the index finger holding the loop that first register what is happening with the fly. The line stops, tightens, the loop is running through the fingers, then the weight and a bending rod. Fantastic! Into a fish by the fir tree! Kyrre was steering towards the other bank. We got ashore and I got out of the boat. The salmon was pulling hard in the stream. When I increased the pressure, it turned and headed for the tail of the pool. My thumb found the click drag and the air was filled with “sweet music”. After a couple of turns the salmon could be led into shallow water and Kyrre was able to land it with his experienced hand. It was not the biggest that has ever rested by the famous fir tree, but a nice twenty-pounder all the same. For me it was something extraordinary to have the opportunity to fish this place and furthermore to catch a salmon by the classic fir tree by the Mikkeli pool. As you probably understand it was during these days by the Alta and the Mikkeli pool that the fly got its name. More big salmon was to fall victim to the the fly in black and blue.

The second pic: Håkan Norling with the first 30 lbs + on a Mikkeli Blue.
The third pic: the old hut on Mikkeli, a truly classic place!

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