Kharlovka report 12th August

We had a good week, the water level was evidentially tricky but the weather was consistent, fishy mid teen and over cast all week. The boys all prayed for rain but sadly they’re desperate vodka fuelled psalms where not heard by the powers that be....

August is not easy and we had to work for our fish (no surprises there), everyone was aware by the first evening that it wasn’t going to fall into our laps. As per normal there was the chance of fresh summer salmon on every tide and these fish entering the systems certainly assisted in waking up the old residents that by this time have had every fly under the sun, whistled longingly passed they noses. Tactics had to be original and those who dared! Won! Johnny had great success on the bomber and the Sunray seems to be the most appetizing of offerings.

On Monday at just before luncheon I believe I was the first to make contact with something bigger than norm! Sam and I had fished Canyon down twice with the standard willie guns and Green highlander combo but on my third trip I opted for a very sparkly sunray with ‘eat me’ eyes attached to the head. I was just working out a short line ( and WOOOOOSSHHH!! A fish came from the bottom of Canyon like a torpedo leaving a sub... The take was so violent my rod nearly left my hand, after a heart-in-mouth 25 minutes fight, which took me into lower canyon and nearly into the pond. Big Alex was as cool as a cucumber as he slipped he net under the 31lbs cock fish. I was quite emotional to land my dream of fish over 30lbs! It was a dream and now its reality, next target is 40.....

Sam fished the pool down again and sure enough he was into a fish strait away on the same Sunray! We’d found the magic fly of the minute... rather frustrating the spool decided to jump out of the reel and wouldn’t go back in! This meant Sam had to play the fish and I wound the reel and tried to stop the spool from the falling out. The fish was eventually landed and weighed in 10lbs.

Hectors Big Fish out of Secret pool was a mighty battle, running like mad to stop it going down the rapids, the fish eventually settled between two rocks, worryingly knocking its head like mad... Andrea declared the fish as was off!!! But Hector had faith and few moment later the rocks sprang into life, reel singing like again .... The beautifully marked 30lbs cock fish hit andreas net and it was high fives and whoops bellowing down the Litza valley.

James Dawes put 7 fish in the book for the week, as did Archie. Edwin managed to winkle a big trout or a salmon out where ever he went, this being his 4th trip to the Kharlovka the harden veteran pulled a lovely 20lbs fish out of Flat stone wisely casting a stonefly nymph upstream.

I personally had a wonderful last day on the Seatrout, managing to bank 8 in the day, 6lbs,5lbs,5lbs,4.5lbs,4lbs,3lbs,3lbs and smallest at 2lbs..... proper sport on 9 foot trout rod.

As we left the seapool on the last evening ( no joke) a 30lbs Osenka did a mesmerizing jump and victory roll! Sounded like a 10 ton bolder had be dropped into the pool.

All of us got into the helicopter pondering on the thought- that had we had another foot and half of water we might have had a few dates with these mysterious Osenka...

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