Introducing to you: SSS TYING THREAD!

We are happy and proud to be able to present to you our new SSS Tying Thread! Mikael Frödin have during several decades had a good co-operation with the Georgio Benecchi factory in Italy, using the thread for tens of thousands of flies. Our SSS threads is of the old good reliable Benecchi quality. They are strong, thin, elastic, and flattens out just great when tying with them. For us this is the best tying thread ever made, tested over decades - now refined and reintroduced.

We have six standard colours. The must have colours: black and white, Olive and Tan for the imitation tier and two very strongly fluorescent colours: orange and chartreuse. We carry them in two classic qualities 8/0 and 12/0. On top of this we present two special threads! The phosphorescent Glow 8/0 and our very unique SSS Stealth 12/0. This super elastic, “invisible” thread will for sure be many people’s new favourite – soft, strong and completely translucent it opens up fantastic opportunities. All threads are on 100 m spools.

Make sure your boxes are filled with the deadly flies for the premiere...!

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