Full Film: Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon

Finally, the full film is open for you all! Artifishal is the film that took me to court and got me convicted, but foremost an important statement that shows how arrogant man is and how much wrong we do with our ecosystems, rivers and wild fish. I’m proud to be part of this, proud to fight for what I believe in – the Fight for the Wild Salmon!

Please help us in the fight for our wild fish and share this with the world!


Problem is the same across the world. In Turkey all the rivers have small dams for HEPP’s which old ones have no fish passages, new ones have nonfunctional ones. All have big impact on river ecosystems by not letting spawning migrations, killing the natural life in river beds and blocking the flow of nutrients to the sea which cause another impact in the sea by changing the phytoplankton/zooplankton abundance and diversity. These changes let another impact in the food web; the abundance of the basic fish species, anchovy, decreased so the other species feeding with anchovy. After intensive licensing period for HEPP’s in the last decade, it was understood that the energy produced it at the level of maximum 2% on the total but the ecosystem losses are more than 100 times more.

Ertug Duzgunes November 04, 2019

Tack. Nyttigt och skrämmande. :/

Magnus Åkerlund November 03, 2019

great film!eye opening and very humbling!

robin armstrong November 01, 2019

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