Film | Create More Drift – tips and tricks from the Alta

It’s all about the drift! To catch as many fish as possible has nothing to do with luck, it’s all about creating as many meters goods drift as possible. Here comes a short clip from a few years ago on the mighty Alta. Mikael show you the reason not to mend and how you can maximize your drift.


Fear Mikael
first of all thanks for all the inspiration You share with Your videos
not only for the fly fishing but also for all the environmental issues

as I am planning my first salmon fishing trip to northern norway this year to the tana river in july
i try to soak up everything i can read about salmon fishing
Your website and your videos on youtube are a must for me
i started to flytying for this trip already back in november mainly watching Your videos and using Your materials bought from aos fly fishing in austria
last week i have been lucky to meet Christopher. Rownes from the guideline team
persuading me to buy a 7wt ne guideline elevation for salmon hitch and dry fly while casting myself at the show pool
really looking forward to get thos piece of ecofriendly rodbeing delivered
he also showed me a video about the upper kharlovka with dry fly big brown trout fishing
so plans for next year are fixed

again thanx for sharing all Your passion



Bernhard February 05, 2020

Hallo Mikael,
I would like to see more of your (Great) little tricks.
1998 I caught my first salmon with this technique. I was fishing the Little Cascapedia in Canada. Rene my guide taught me to lead my fly the same way you mention in you video. As I have learned in many different books about salmon fishing, I was mending the line after every cast. Rene told me that this is not advisable. After coming back home I told my experiences to fisherman. Many answered that this technique is rubbish.
Kind regards, Joachim

Joachim November 09, 2019

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