Kharlovka & Litza – The Dream Rivers

Follow Mikael to his favourite salmon rivers! The Kharlovka and Eastern Litza in the Atlantic Salmon Reserve on the Kola Peninsula are two magical rivers, in a Russian salmon paradise. Watch some great fights in the famous pools and learn more about these rivers.

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Hi Mikael, what time is the best time to fish Karlovka and Litza and how is the best way in getting a good price for good fishing. brgds, Óli

Oli Johnson January 26, 2020

Does Rynda produce more catches than Litza and Karlovka? Is it Rynda easier to fish?

Alfredo G. Carril January 24, 2020

These rivers are arguably the most productive in the world because of the unspoiled ecology. We must preserve these environments and ensure their free passage for our beloved salmo salar…the majestic salmon king of the sea.

Paul Kennedy January 24, 2020

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