Is the Fly Important?

There are a million different flies - how to pick the right one - how to put a good selection together? My tip is to pick 18 flies for clear days, 18 for cloudy, 18 night flies, 12 for flooded conditions + a few dries and skaters. A nice little selection of about 70 flies that will cover all your needs! Make sure to adjust the sizes to the conditions - check it out!

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Hi Mikael and Team!

Have been following you for over a year now. Great content!

What flies and tactics do you have and recommend for Autumn / Fall Salmon fishing since this can be quite challenging?

My own studies are pointing me into the direction of small red flies but I would like to hear your thoughts.

Do you have any favorite tactics for the Autumn / Fall? I am guessing deep and slow flies?

P.S. love the new website and instagram!

With regards from Iceland,


Josh May 20, 2019

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