Cold Water Tactics

The High and cold river is the biggest challenge of them all. The key is a deep and slow fly. Easier said than done - here is some tricks on how to be successful on the big cold river.

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Good day Mikael,

Just because I’m mostly a summer angler, and still a rookie with a few tens of fish to the counter, but I do not despair to increase my time and experience in salmon fly fishing witch is just addictive.

I understand all you explain is valid below 8°C, is that correct?
Then the coldest, the slowest and the deepest; easy to say but let’s speak about the gear used in your video:
- What kind of line did you rigged in the video (Scandi 3D? Skagit?)? What is the sinking rate?
- What kind of leader are you using (Versileader, Mow?)? What is the sinking rate?
- The tippet is short (2 to 3 feet) but what is the breaking strenght?
- It would be nice to show exactly the size of the flies (compared with a rule), as well as the weight of the fly (shown on a weight scale).
- Eventually, that’s big water but how deep is it? Without this information, the rest is not making a lot of sense…

Many thanks.

Raphael (from France)

Raphael December 21, 2019

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